A Polyester Yarn DTY Supplier You Can Trust

Update:08 Aug 2017

Are you looking for a Polyester Yarn DTY supplier? Dope […]

Are you looking for a Polyester Yarn DTY supplier? Dope dyed and packaged dyed yarns are available. We provide high quality polyester drawn textured yarn at lowest cost. LINGANGDTY is a professional polyester DTY manufacturer. Business Scope: 50D-500D polyester DTY. Capacity is 60 tons per day. More than 50 kinds of DTY are available, including raw white, black, optical white, cationic and bright yarn. Draw Textured Yarn (DTY) yarn is obtained when Polyester (POY) is simultaneously twisted & drawn.

Lingangdty is today one of the largest texturized yarn manufacturers in the country. Large portion of our Polyester Texturized Yarn (PTY/DTY) are currently being exported to countries like Brazil, Sri Lanka, Russia, Egypt, Turkey, Chile and European countries.We are presently also implementing a backward integrated plant for captive use of POY of 25000 TPA.

Why Choose us?

High strength ,good twist , good evenness, less knots and small cv%

Experience with more than 10 years;

Direct factory with competitive price ;

Competitive price with best quality;

Effective and attractive packaging;

Good reputation;

Excellent service and prompt delivery.