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Update:24 Jul 2017

Tattoo yarn (DTY) is a fully stretched full orientation […]

Tattoo yarn (DTY) is a fully stretched full orientation polyester multifilament yarn with soft curl, high bulk and texture, cotton feel and very high durability and retention. It is obtained by the use of a texturing machine for the orientation of partially oriented yarns. DTY yarns are suitable for making fabrics for many uses such as clothes, home decorations, seat covers, bags and so on. Depending on the type of filament, DTY Polyester Yarn can be semi-dark or bright or triple light.

Polyester DTY, known as polyester brushed textured yarn, is obtained when POY polyester is continuously pulled and stretched. DTY yarns are actually used for weaving and knitted fabrics for the production of garments, home decorations, bags, seat covers and other uses. DTY yarns of different colors can be obtained by conventional dyeing or by dye dyeing. The technical performance of polyester DTY yarns can be molded in a variety of ways to suit yarns for a wide range of applications. DTY yarns can be made in a variety of combinations, which can be 100-120 g / m high mixing, non-mixing including 0-10 knots / m or semi-mixed [SIM] 40-50 knots. Two heating techniques can be applied - 1 heating DTY, more stretchable and fluff than heating 2 DTY.

We are China Polyester DTY yarn suppliers, traders, exporters. DTY yarn appears in Bright, TBR Trilobal Bright or Semi-Dull, CD cation; RW original white, color, DDB black; HIM re-mix, SIM slightly mixed, NIM non-mix, depending on the part of the filament. Our products are of high quality and completely reliable. Polyester DTY is mass produced and is further exported in many parts of the world.