Choose Suitable DTY Polyester Supplier

Update:16 Jan 2018

Maybe you will ask the difference between polyester FDY […]

Maybe you will ask the difference between polyester FDY and DTY yarn. Polyester DTY yarn is tensile deformation filament yarn, also known as low elastic polyester filament yarn. Polyester DTY yarn is a finished yarn that stretches and distorts on a single machine. Polyester FDY yarn is fully drawn yarn. Has nothing to do with the production process, but now as a sign of spinning one-step method. Polyester FDY yarn on the machine using low-speed spinning and high-speed wire drawing, the lower the price advantage of stable production, product quality and stability, less hair be, uniform color. Polyester DTY yarn is curly, polyester FDY yarn is straight.

When you need something, you do not know where to find it. When you do not need anything, you can see it everywhere. In our life, always like this. If you want to find paint-dyed polyester yarn factory, you can find it. I think most of the answers are searched online and found with Google. But after searching online, you can see that most of them are ads, and the results are not what you want.

In fact, find a reliable supplier is not so easy, we need time to search, in addition to Google, there are other ways. Like to participate in the show, there are many exhibitions on yarn, fair you can find some suppliers, face to face communication, and understand a lot of import information. Even if the result is good, but spend too much time and money. In addition, the introduction by friends is also very convenient, usually good results.

New Product DTY Polyester Yarn Micro-Spun Polyester Yarn, 300D The conventional specification of DTY is 48F, but now it can be 288F. Compared with the general specifications, the filament is finer. Therefore, this yarn is very soft, can be used in some special ways, such as fleece and coral velvet fabric, feel soft, similar to wool fabric. So some manufacturers use DTY polyester yarn instead of wool. This not only saves costs, but also makes fabric differences.

DTY Polyester Yarn is made of masterbatch and PET chip. Different masterbatch can be used to make different colors, so the color can be customized. The customer can do the color directly without dyeing. The production process is convenient and environmentally friendly.