Classification of polyester filaments

Update:17 Aug 2017

   1. Primary filaments: Virgin silk (conventional spin […]

   1. Primary filaments: Virgin silk (conventional spinning), UDY, semi pre oriented silk (medium speed spinning) (MOY), pre aligned silk (high speed spinning) (POY), high orientation yarn (ultra high speed spinning) (HOY)
   2. Stretch wire: stretch silk (low speed stretch yarn), (DY), full stretch silk (spinning stretch one-step method) (FDY), all take silk (spinning one-step) (FOY)
   3. Deformed yarn: conventional deformation wire (TY), tensile deformation wire (DTY), air deformation wire (ATY).
   Strength: polyester fiber strength than cotton nearly 1 times higher than the wool 3 times, so polyester fabric durable.
   Heat resistance: can be used at -70 ℃ ~ 170 ℃, synthetic fiber is the best heat resistance and thermal stability.
   Elasticity: Polyester elasticity close to wool, wrinkle resistance than other fibers, fabric is not wrinkled, good shape retention.
   Wear resistance: polyester wear resistance after the nylon, in the synthetic fiber ranked second.
   Water absorption: polyester moisture regain low, good insulation properties, but because of low water absorption, friction generated by static electricity, dye natural adsorption performance is poor, so the general dyeing of polyester using high temperature and high pressure dyeing.
   Dyeing: Polyester itself lacks hydrophilic groups or dye acceptor parts, so polyester dyeing is poor, disperse dyes or non-ionic dyes can be used, but the dyeing conditions are more harsh textile fibers are divided into natural fibers and chemical fiber, natural fiber Mainly silk, wool, cotton, linen, chemical fiber is divided into synthetic fiber and man-made fiber and then compare polyester filament and acetic acid filament, because the two are equal, so after the classification, polyester synthetic acetic acid is man-made. Ester (polyethylene terephthalate, PET) is made from PTA and MEG .PET is in the form of rice grains, with a variety of 0.75% for polyester for chemical fiber, made of polyester short according to the textile industry requirements, manufacturing polyester staple fiber and Polyester filament.