Colored Polyester Yarn DTY is Very Quickly

Update:17 May 2017

With the continuous innovation and progress of science […]

With the continuous innovation and progress of science and technology, people for the pursuit of life is not just confined to the existing materials developed new products, to create something new is also one of the performance of human progress. From raw cotton and linen fabric until today's all kinds of chemical synthesis of novel materials, the development of colored Polyester Yarn DTY is also very quickly.

Trace the development history of colored polyester yarns but especially profound. The development of chemical fiber has led to the development of polyester yarn. At the beginning of the development, dacron material haven't really been bullish but late due to the good understanding of the polyester is more and more, the application of polyester fiber evanescent hues is becoming more and more widely.

Nowadays, we can see that with the continuous development of technology colored polyester texture yarn is extensively used in various industries such as the clothes trade. So why would produce such results?

At first, the quality of colored polyester texture yarn is high. With the constantly adding of technology contents and better materials choosed, the quality of colored polyester texture yarn is better which is the a very big feature and gets the favor of many apparel industry manufacturers.

Secondly, the cost is low. It not means that goods with good quality will cost more. Nowadays, with the constantly upgrade of production efficiency, we can not only ensure good production, but also reduce the cost. Today’s market has requirement on the color and resilience. Our colored polyester texture yarn just meets the requirement of most consumers, and wins their favor.

Thirdly, the stability is high. We will not pay just little attention to the stability of colored polyester texture yarn in order to drive down costs. Our technology is maturin, and we have more prominent achievements on aesthetic. production of polyester yarns with high strength, good abrasion resistance, color fastness to higher advantage.