Difference Between FDY and DTY Polyester Yarn

Update:01 Aug 2017

What is the difference between FDY and DTY Polyester Ya […]

What is the difference between FDY and DTY Polyester Yarn?

DTY: tensile deformation of wire, full name: DRAW TEXTURED YARN. POY to do is to use the original wire is stretched and made false-twist texturing process. Tend to have a certain degree of flexibility and contractility.

DTY wire network: network wire strands in the network refers to the nozzle, the jet flow, monofilament entangled with each other to form a network of filaments periodic points. Multi-processing network for POY, FDY and DTY processing, network technology and manufacturing technology combined with Ditan DTY wire network, both textured yarn bulkiness and good flexibility, there are many cyclical and network points increases the filament tightness, eliminating several steps of textile processing, and can improve the ability to tow through the water jet loom.

FDY: full-body pull-wire. Full name: FULL DRAW YARN. Spinning stretching further obtained using the synthetic filament. Fibers have been fully stretched, can be directly used in textile processing.

FDY spinning may be low, high-speed tensile winding, two processes on a single machine spinning and drawing joint is completed, the production line of low production cost and stable product quality, less breakage wool yarn, dyeing uniformity.

FDY fibers wherein the fibers in order to eliminate gloss, using slices containing anatase titanium dioxide (T iO 2) to cut the fiber luster. If not included in the T iO 2 slices of bright silk (or large bright silk), containing 0.3% titanium dioxide semi-dull yarn, dull yarn 1%.

If you want to get colored FDY, can be added to the masterbatch or during spinning silk products into the vat dyeing.

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