Different Types of Polyester DTY

Update:05 Dec 2017

Network Polyester Yarn wire is DTY silk network nozzle […]

Network Polyester Yarn wire is DTY silk network nozzle under the action of compressed air processing, it is to improve the auroral effect polyester DTY yarn and waxy feel better effect, and to bring some unique DTY yarn style. According to the current market conditions, according to the degree of network and network fastness of a weak network of silk, light network of silk, silk network and the heavy network of silk points. Under normal circumstances, the network performance of various types of network nozzles are produced by the appropriate type of nozzle in order to achieve the best results, that is light network of light-nozzle production of network nozzles, heavy network of network nozzle by the heavy network production.

Production of polyester DTY in the network and light network is the number of networks with less! DTY yarn after a slight short stretch will be able to see those network points! The number of networks is generally controlled by the pressure to control! Excessive number of networks (overweight) may cause patchwork on the fabric surface. Too few networks result in easy loosening of the network points during tension during weaving or weaving preparation.

DTY refers to the POY in the bomb machine after stretching stereotypes of silk, simply said compared with the FDY, with fluffy. The difference between high and low stretch yarn is POY in the bomb process, plus the machine has not used two hot boxes, after two hot box stereotypes wire called the low stretch yarn, not used two hot box generally known as the high stretch yarn.