DTY Polyester Yarn and Polyester FDY

Update:09 Nov 2017

DTY: Draw texturing yarn Tensile textured yarn. Also kn […]

DTY: Draw texturing yarn Tensile textured yarn. Also known as polyester low stretch yarn, is a continuous or simultaneous stretching on a machine, after the deformation of the finished product wire.
FDY: Fully drawn yarn Fully drawn yarn. And has nothing to do with the production process, but now widely circulated as a spinning stretch one-step process code, can be low-speed spinning, high-speed stretch winding, the two processes in a spinning stretch combined machine to complete , This production line low production costs, and the quality of finished products, broken hair less, good dyeing uniformity.
DTY fibers are curly, FDY fibers are straight.
DTY Polyester Yarn is a low-stretch yarn, often in the shape of a network of filaments. Will feel a little bit flexible after being pulled by hand.
Polyester FDY is a one-shot spinning process that has no flexibility when pulled by hand and has a better gloss than DTY.