Govt Urged to Save Polyester DTY Industry

Update:26 Jun 2017

Pakistani Merchants Association said on Wednesday that […]

Pakistani Merchants Association said on Wednesday that the Pakistan Merchants Association called on the government to save the polyester filament fabric industry further disaster.

In this regard, PYMA has issued SOS. "Nearly 300,000 looms and knitting machines have been suspended in the past five years, directly and indirectly affecting about 5 million people,".

"Invalid and outdated domestic polyester filament yarns (PFYs) can not meet 25% of Pakistan's total demand." Hanif added that PFY attracted 12% customization with polyester fibers, which attracted only 7% Practice, and raw materials and production of both inputs exactly the same. "

According to the statement, polyester fiber in the small and medium enterprises industry by the enterprise sector and polyester yarn consumption. "In addition, the local polyester staple fiber (PSF) production is sufficient to meet the requirements of Pakistan, while the production of polyester yarn is only 25% of the amount required for Pakistan, compared with polyester fiber, PFY import tariff is still 12% 7 %, "The statement said.

It adds that the ongoing anti-dumping investigation of polyester filament yarn (polyester FDY /Polyester DTY) is the basic raw material for polyester fabrics and is completely unreasonable. "Even for products that are not produced by the domestic industry, the user industry will be subject to unnecessary penalties," PYMA said, adding that end-user costs will increase substantially, which will affect the weaving and knitting industries.

We call on the authorities to reduce the customization obligations for polyester filament yarns (polyester FDY and Polyester DTY) from 12 percent to 7 percent.