How to choose Polyester Yarn

Update:16 Oct 2017

How to choose Polyester Yarn ? In given condition, Dty […]

How to choose Polyester Yarn ?

In given condition, Dty is a good and keeping goood mechanical properties, -called sewing ability - which is a composite index to suture quality.

Based on the following factors including polyester material, thickness, tissue, color, style sewing, sewing equipment or sewing means, species and fitness of suture material to the needle, there are following principles.

1. Suitness of Suture materal

The Polyester Yarns should ensure consistency across shrinkage, heat resistance, wear resistance, durability ect , To avoid difference from the Polyester Yarn and wrinkles because of fabrics . Usually soft material use with thin Polyester Yarns, and small needle; hard and thick materials use with thick lines, and large needle.

2. Suiteness to the sewing equipment

Sewing machine is recommeded to choose L stitching, whilst sewing, add twist to maintain strength of the suture.

3. Suiteness to stitches form

Package (stretch) sewing is recommeded with fine cotton sewing Polyester Yarn. Thus sewing material is not easy subjected to deformation and wrinkling, and the result chain stitch is beautiful, tuoches comfortable. Double stitches should choose sewing Polyester Yarns with good extensibility. Crotch seam or shoulder seam stitching is recommeded to choose fasten sewing Polyester Yarns. Button liner is recommended to choose wear-resisting sutures.

4. Suiteness to the apparel

For special purpose clothing, such as clothing required elastic stretch requires nylon cord. For fire-fighting clothing it is recommended to choose Flaming retarding, heat-resisting or water repellent treated sewing Polyester Yarns.