Impact of DTY Polyester Yarn's Quality

Update:05 Jun 2017

DTY Polyester Yarn is a finished wire that is continuou […]

DTY Polyester Yarn is a finished wire that is continuously or simultaneously stretched by a twister after deformation. DTY is formed by POY (pre-oriented filament) by false twist. Which false twister is more important. The false twister (the disc-type friction false twister) is the core of the whole machine, which twists and declines the filament by the turning of the friction disc to form a false twist.

With the rapid development of weaving technology and the continuous development of new polyester filament new products, polyester DTY has been widely used in a variety of fabrics, many products not only replace the higher prices of cotton, linen, wool and other chemical fiber, product style is better , Which also DTY quality and production process put forward higher requirements.

DTY dyeing uniformity directly affect the quality of the product, but also to measure the level of production technology, management level of the mark. So how do you control the dyeing of DTY? First to control the formation of cooling conditions, often check the wind speed, wind temperature process parameters of the implementation. As the primary fiber is most sensitive to external interference, if the spinning between the air flow improperly, the wire shaking and jitter, the yarn is uneven tension, resulting in decreased dyeing rate, it should avoid external interference.

Second, to control the false twist tension. Always test the false twist tension to ensure that the untwisting tension must be greater than the twist tension, so that the twist tension and untwisting tension are even and stable. So you need to lower the temperature of the first hot box. In the process of processing DTY, timely check the roller, friction plate is defective or unstable operation of the phenomenon, timely exchange and adjustment, reduce the mechanical stripes.