Influence of Broken Filament in Polyester DTY

Update:02 Jan 2018

Filament refers to a single or multiple filaments in DT […]

Filament refers to a single or multiple filaments in DTY Polyester Yarn that break the dty beyond the surface of the multifilament.

The overall yarn is too much, the frictional resistance caused by the friction and slip of the yarn on the bobbin surface increases, which will cause the loss of strength and elasticity of the warp yarn. At the same time, the phenomenon of static electricity accumulation is particularly obvious during the friction of the yarn, Absorption or rejection of each other, easily kinked yarn together, resulting in frequent warping head warping, warping process can not be carried out.

Part of the yarn warping tension is too large, warping tension yarn uneven, affecting the production of sizing and pulp shaft quality. Sizing, the hairiness can not be good appressed, coupled with warp in the weaving process by menopause films, healds, steel reed scraping, broken monofilament more easily bonded together, and easy to produce static electricity, so that the yarn body The surface of the tower stands with the neighboring yarn entangled to form a soft ball, resulting in an unclear opening in the weaving. A "three-jump" defect occurs.

In particular, when a single silk thread is severely warped, warping warps excessively, resulting in unintended drafting of the yarn, which eventually results in chromatic aberration of the finished fabric by the monofilament. Among them, the processing of fine denier high density fabric or shuttle production problems more pronounced. Frequent open parking is also likely to cause parking stalls, especially in the lower density fabric and shuttle loom appear more. Unpredictable to open the front of the wool yarn, affecting the jet weft injection tension, resulting in weft distortion, forming a continuous straight "weft contraction."

When the weft yarn is more, the mutual friction and cohesion between the yarns will increase, and the unwinding performance of the yarns will decrease. During weaving of high-speed shuttleless weft yarns, weft insertion speed is high, Weaving can not be carried out.