Lingang Quality Polyester Yarn DTY

Update:14 Aug 2017

Texture yarn (DTY) is used to make textured yarn textur […]

Texture yarn (DTY) is used to make textured yarn textured by texturing. Polyester Yarn DTY is a continuous filament yarn, which is processed to introduce lasting crimping and twisting, interweaving, ring or other small deformation along the length of filament. Yarn made from thermoplastic materials can be distorted in the state of heat setting on texture, and this leads to a polyester DTY yarn with larger volume, higher tensile strength and more pleasant and beautiful.

Polyester DTY yarn can also be colored by dyeing or by regular dyeing. Dyed DTY is usually wrapped in a paper tube, and the original white DTY used for staining is loosely wrapped in a perforated plastic tube so that all the yarn can be dyed easily when the spool is impregnated. DTY yarn can be semi-dull or bright or triple light, depending on the type of filaments.

Polyester thermoplastics may change shape after thermal application. In spite of flammable materials at high temperatures, polyester fibers tend to burn away from flame and self-extinguishing. Polyester fiber has high toughness and electron modulus, which has low water absorption rate and minimum shrinkage ratio compared with other industrial fibers.

Unsaturated polyester (UPR) is thermosetting resin. Used as a casting material in a liquid state, a laminated compound, such as a glass fiber laminated resin and a non-metallic automatic filling agent. They are also used as preset thermosetting polymer matrix. The glass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester is widely used in the main body of the yacht and the body parts of the car.

DTY is suitable for the ultimate use of fabrics, such as outerwear/underwear, skin care clothes, furniture, interior decoration, etc. This is substitute cotton and cotton blended yarn, with very low water content.

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