Oil Content of Polyester DTY

Update:18 Dec 2017

In the Polyester Yarn production process, one of the ma […]

In the Polyester Yarn production process, one of the main factors affecting the premium grade (AA grade) rate is the oil content of DTY. In actual production, the problem of uneven oil content of DTY is prominent, seriously affecting the quality of products. DTY oil content is low, the downstream manufacturers in the process of weaving yarn easy to fleece, decapitated and make the weaving process of tension fluctuations, the fabric prone to streaks flaws, affecting the production efficiency. DTY oil content is high, it may cause DTY finished appearance color. In addition, uneven DTY oil content also restricts the fixed-length DTY production. Therefore, strict control of DTY oil content in the process of setting the range (usually about 2.5%), to improve product quality is of great significance. In this paper, the main factors affecting the oil content of polyester DTY are discussed and the corresponding control measures are put forward according to the actual production analysis.

The appearance of DTY oil generally require light yellow, transparent, no impurities precipitate, not stratified. If the oil color abnormalities, it is possible to cause DTY finished color; if the oil impurities precipitate and the existence of small suspended solids stratification, will cause the rear textile machine oil filter pressure rise faster and the location of the Oil needles and nozzles are clogged, resulting in difficult oiling of the DTY, very low oil content, and very high oil content differences between the spindles.

According to the production practice, if you want to ensure that the oil content of DTY is about 2.5%, the oil concentration is generally required to be above 90%. If the oil concentration is low, indicating that the oil contains volatile substances (small molecules) are too much, under the same production conditions DTY oil content will be low.