Polyester DTY Material is Gradually Occupied the Market

Update:12 May 2017

Polyester DTY, polymers derived from polycondensation o […]

Polyester DTY, polymers derived from polycondensation of polyols and polyacids. Mainly refers to polyethylene terephthalate (PET), customary also includes polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) and polyarylate and other linear thermoplastic resin. Is a class of excellent performance, wide range of engineering plastics. Its form of polyester is considered a miracle fiber. You can wash it clean, no wrinkles. Someone claims that you can continue to wear up to 68 days of polyester clothing, will still look good.

Polyester material is very cheap and very easy to produce. Many companies began to produce cheap polyester clothing and other items. Fabrics made of polyester threads or yarns for clothing and household goods. These products range from shirts, pants, underwear, jackets, hats, sheets, blankets, soft furniture and computer mouse pads. Polyester fibers are used as insulation and cushioning materials in pillows and quilts. They are also used for decorative liners.

With the rapid development of China's economy, the domestic consumption of polyester materials increased rapidly. China's polyester production capacity is developing rapidly. Some other uses of polyester materials are membranes, filters, wire insulators, canoes, tarpaulins, holograms, liquid crystal displays, insulating tapes, and dielectric films for capacitors. Polyesters are also used for high quality wood products such as pianos, guitars and yacht interiors. Unsaturated polyester can be used as glass fiber laminated resin and non-metallic automotive body filler and other casting materials. They can also be used for the body of a vessel and yacht, but also for the body parts of the car.

Today polyester materials have formed a more stable market because it is integrated with high-end materials and has undergone a recovery. One of these materials is ultrafine fiber, because it has the feeling of silk, and quickly become the choice of fabric in today's market, and is popular in bed sheets.