Polyester yarn type and physical gloss type

Update:12 Sep 2017

    Polyester filament is a synthetic fiber, it is extr […]

    Polyester filament is a synthetic fiber, it is extracted from the petrochemical products, the spinning and post-processing made of fiber. It is characterized by strong reflective, high stiffness, rebound quickly, crisp, good anti-wrinkle performance, strong and strong, not easy to break.
   Polyester filament has the following categories:
   1, FDY: polyester filament, also known as the original silk, is the whole drawing silk, with its woven fabric on behalf of: polyester spinning, beautiful silk, light spinning,
   2, DTY: polyester low elastic yarn, is the tensile deformation of silk, woven by his fabric are:  jeanette, Oxford cloth;
   3, ATY: polyester air change yarn, is the air deformation of the wire, woven by his fabric, such as tower velvet;
   Polyester silk physical luster and there are three:
   1, half-light: is a more natural product, if not after a special treatment, polyester filament are generally semi-light;
   2, extinction: in the fiber production process to add chemical substances titanium oxide after processing products, extinction after the polyester filament can make the fabric closer to the   appearance of natural fibers and more comfortable feel;
   3, flash: refers to the fiber in the production process of fiber cross section close to the triangle or so that the fiber surface is more smooth so that the light reflected to achieve the feeling of flash, it has two: triangular shaped wire and a large ray of silk.