The Application of Polyester Yarn DTY in Life

Update:31 May 2017

Polyester Yarn DTY is yarns made from artificial polyme […]

Polyester Yarn DTY is yarns made from artificial polymers, usually sold as acrylic yarns or novel yarns. Acrylic yarns are cheap, warm, rugged, usually machine washable, but also tend to pills and lack of breathability of natural fibers. The new yarns have a variety of unusual textures, from yarns similar to fake fur to ladder or ribbon yarns with bracelets or sequins woven in fibers. Due to its warmth and durability, polyester yarns are usually replaced with wool for knitted fabrics and other fiber artists that are allergic to animal fibers. It is also often used to weave items that require frequent washing, such as household items or clothes for babies or children.

The purpose of polyester yarn is to do knitting or crocheted blankets. Most commercial polyester fibers have a wide range of colors that can be combined into crocheted colored knit patterns. Polyester yarns also do not normally have a dye batch, so the wearer can buy a blanket made of polyester yarns as needed without worrying about subtle hue or hue changes in the yarn. Since the polyester fiber can be safely washed, it can be washed with a washing machine when it is soiled.

Relatively expensive polyester fiber is a good choice for knitted baby clothing and accessories. Knitwear is also often used for polyester yarns for children's clothing, because the requirements of children's clothing is high, and polyester is an easy care of the fiber. Baby, children and adult toys are also often woven or crocheted by polyester fibers.

The ability to wash polyester yarns also makes it ideal for a variety of other home furnishings, which can often be easily soiled by daily use, such as cushion sleeves. A small amount of the remaining yarn can be used by knitting works such as coasters, dish cloths, bath scrubbers and gift bags. As the polyester fiber absorbs heat, the teapot or cups woven with polyester yarns will help the hot drink to keep its calories for a longer period of time.