The Production Process of Polyester DTY

Update:23 Jan 2018

Fiber has two major characteristics: First, fine to peo […]

Fiber has two major characteristics: First, fine to people can not directly observe with the naked eye, the diameter is generally a few microns to tens of microns or finer; the second is the aspect ratio of tens to hundreds of thousands or even theoretically Reaching infinity, depending on the type of fiber, which gives the fiber a significant mechanical long-term property, such as a small area of partial deformation during bending twisting, and substantial deformation even within the elastic range of the overall stretch. So simple to say that the fiber is a thin and long, that is, the diameter of the fine to the naked eye can not be directly observed, and its length to diameter ratio in dozens of times.

Production of single Polyester Yarn production methods. A filament has dozens of monofilaments, from spinning to deformation, to go through dozens of friction points, easy to produce wool. In addition, the filament is multi-spindle position, multi-machine production, due to equipment, technology, operation and other factors, the filament of different positions in the performance there will be some differences, and even a cheese inner and outer layer will have difference.

Filaments can be spun into differentiated fibers by physicochemical deformation. Such as changing the shape of the spin hole or the strength of the twist can be spun imitation silk fiber; by false twisting, air deformation, mixed fiber, composite and other methods can make the filament hairy style; by drawing polyester dty and pre Oriented silk mixed fiber deformation, can be made of imitation bamboo slubby filament; for different melting point or different degree of orientation of the filament mixed fiber deformation, the filament can get the appearance of hemp; through a variety of twisting technology, can be made Network silk, network textured polyester dty and air deformable silk, cored wire, etc .; by twisting method can be made of coiled wire and wrinkle silk; can be monofilament yarn density less than 0.1dtex ultrafine yarn.

Differentiated fibers that have been spun by chemical modification of the filaments give special properties such as easy dyeing, warmth, heat resistance, flame retardancy, stain resistance, anti-pilling, antistatic properties, high moisture absorption and high water absorption.

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