The Standard of Choosing Polyester Yarn DTY Lingangdty

Update:15 May 2017

Nowadays, not only the chemical fiber manufacturers nee […]

Nowadays, not only the chemical fiber manufacturers need to understand some basic knowledge to purchasing chemical precursor, but also the ordinary consumers have to get some information of various synthetic fibers to distinguishing the different fabrics in their daily life. We must have some skills when purchase colour polyester yarn, as the purchasing is very important. So what we must concern about and consider about when purchase. So what standards and specifications that the consumers should pay attention to when they buy the dope dyed Polyester Yarn DTY?

1.Understand the Degree of Fracture of The Wire

It is indispensable for consumers to understand fracture strength. The fracture degree test of dope dyed polyester yarn dty is to text the maximum tension and withstand strength when consequently stretched the single fiber. The size of the fracture degree directly affects the fabric tear strength and abrasion resistance. If the fracture degree of is too low that the wire is easy to break in the weaving process. So the consumers and customers should pay more attention to it. Purchasing the 3ox/min strength above is the general standards in chemical industry.

2.Understand the Fabric Fineness

In the chemical industry, every fiber has the specification. For example, there is a kind of fiber, the specification is 167dtex/48F, this means that the weight of per ten thousand meters of fiber is 167g, and the number of single fiber is 48. Otherwise, the “dtex” means the yarn’s thickness, “F” means the single fiber’s number. And many company used the “Dan” for standard that equal to 1.11dtex.

3.Master the Wire Crimp Contraction

The wire crimp contraction degree performances in bulkiness. If the contraction degree was higher, the performance of wire would be more bulky, and the fabric made by this wire would be richer. On the contrary, the contraction degree is lower, the bulkiness of the dope dyed polyester yarn DTY would be poorer, and the fabric would wrinkle easily, not easy to be sized.

In addition, consumers also need to consider the boiling water shrinkage, elongation, and oil content. Only considering several factors can choose the suitable yarn for their own using.